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PBH Hits A Million Hits

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We done did it:

1. Al-Jazeera Exposes Racism At Sarah Palin Rally in Ohio

2. Ashley Todd Fail

3. The Pyramid of Capitalism

4. Calvin and Hobbes on War

5. The Price of Encouraging Political Violence

6. Even Rednecks Have Had Enough

7. US National Debt In The Past 25 Years

8. Ever Ready Horton: Vintage Porn Cartoon

9. Creationist Science Fair

10. The Busheviks

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Ohio Rednecks Show Their True Colors

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<a href=””>Wow</a&gt;.

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PBH Hits 500k!

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PBH finally cracked the 500,000 unique hit mark, after lots of ebbs and flows over the past year (it actually took a year and a half to reach this mark, though there has only been consistent blogging for 6 months of that time). We’re proud (for the most part) of the product we’ve put out and appreciate everyone’s comments and patronage. We’re looking for more bloggers, so if you are interested, drop a comment below or email alec. A full summary of the most popular posts is below:

Top 20 Posts By Hits

1. The Main Page with 35,491 unique hits — Who knew? Our main page is the one with the most hits over the past year and a half.

2. Donkey Love with 30,030 unique hits — Features the story of Donkey Festival in Colombia that quite literally celebrates fucking donkeys.

3. Happy Memorial Day with 26,338 unique hits — a poignant series of pictures from May of 2007 that featured an Iraqi boy hiding behind a US soldier during an explosion in Baghdad.

4. Why I Hate Capitalism with 24,540 unique hits — A commemorative 9/11 coin. Only 19.95 (limited supplies).

5. History Repeats Itself And Painfully So with 21,707 unique hits — A politically cartoon from the 1920’s about the British expedition in Iraq. [Editors Note: This probably would be the leader if PBH didn’t crash after being Dugg]

6. What Reddit Has Become with 19,849 unique hits — A hilarious picture done by AlvinBlah on the state of Reddit. [Editors Note: This would probably also be higher if not for PBH crashing while being Reddited]

7. Every 9.74 Days, Iraqi Civilians Experience September 11th with 19,514 unique hits — An expose on the cost of civilian life since the American invasion.

8. Ask A Shiite: Perceptions of America in the Middle East with 17,694 unique hits — A university student in the UAE writes a piece on the perception of America in the Middle East.

9. The First Thing I Saw On The Way To Work with 15,399 unique hits — A picture captured by Alec during his first day at the State Department in Bucharest, Romania.

10. The Horrors of Plastic Pollution with 15,222 unique hits — A picture of a turtle that had a plastic band tied around its shell in infancy.

11. Fox News, Fair And Balanced (Their Paragraph Alignment, That is) with 14,374 unique hits — A ridiculous screen capture from Fox News suggesting Osama Bin Laden & Barack Obama are related.

12. Patrick Leahy Bitch Slaps For America with 14,352 unique hits — A video of Patrick Leahy interrogating a Bush surrogate, and it is not pretty.

13. Old Time Porno Cartoon with 11,902 unique hits — Dance Party finds a hilarious ol’ timey porno cartoon from the 1920’s. And it is absolutely fucking filthy.

14. Loose Post 9/11 Lips with 11,014 unique hits — Donald Rumsfeld lets it slip that the plane over Pennsylvania was shot down. Oops!

15. US National Debt in the Past 25 Years with 10,635 unique hits — An astounding picture of the American debt in the past 25 years.

16. Number of Doctors Per Inhabitants with 10,050 unique hits — A visual representation of inhabitants per doctor across the world.

17. Humanity with 9,938 unique hits — An epic picture.

18. Inster with 9,879 unique hits — Check out the latest hipster trend. It’s so cool, you don’t even know. [Featured on Gawker]

19. What The Fack with 9,372 unique hits — Ann Coulter says she will campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain wins the Republican nomination.

20. Civilian Death Statistics in Iraq and Afghanistan Compared with 9,113 unique hits — Evaluates the human casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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The Simpsons Deconstruct American Politics in 30 Seconds

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Via PBH & SnD.

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Valentine’s Day Gets Killed

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via PBH.

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Top PBH Posts

Posted on August 29, 2007. Filed under: blogosphere, prose before hos |

Wow!! Lucky number 706559! Were you that person? Anyway, to celebrate such a feat, here are the top 5 popular posts at PBH:

1. Happy Memorial Day
2. Why I Hate Capitalism
3. Donkey Love
4. Ask A Shiite: Perceptions of America
5. The First Thing I Saw On The Way To Work
6. Inster Fashion
7. Civilian Death Statistics in Iraq & Afghanistan
8. Patrick Leahy Bitchslaps for America
9. Rudy Giuliani or Vampire Ghouliani?
10. Loose Post 9-11 Lips

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Top 10 PBH Posts Of All Time

Posted on May 9, 2007. Filed under: blogosphere, prose before hos |

It’s official: PBH is well over 1000 posts! And to celebrate, here is the Top 10 PBH Posts for all you Prose Before Hos newcomers and veterans alike (click here for the top 10 of the first 400 posts).

1. The definitive and most popular PBH entry to this day — Hurry up and Kill Yourself For 10 Emo Points — Anonymous Banker examines an amazing local news report on the problem of ’emo’ (short for emotions, the investigative report tells us), concluding with the use of a sarcastic, humorous online quiz about how emo you are with a point system based on self-mutilation and how many sweaters one owns.

2. A few days after the Virginia Tech shootings, it became clear that the media was going to make a cult celebrity out of the shooter, rather than focus on the victims or other significant events in the world. The two posts that came of this — 33 Dead Americans is a Tragedy, 33 Dead Iraqi’s is a Statistic, and 1 Crazy Gunman is a Tragedy, 200 Dead Iraqi’s is a Statistic — were followed enough to spawn a Facebook group.

3. Ever hated Americans, even if you are one? Then you’ve come to the right place. Even though these posts haven’t become the most popular, they’re a personal favorite of mine. Check out Thoughts of the Average American, Part 1 and Part 2, followed by Soliloquy from Anonymous Middle American.

4. The infamous Travel to the Land of Sheep, which landed us on local radio for an expose in Part one on a Christian rap remix of Baby Got Back (cleverly entitled Baby got Bible). Parts two and three and worthwhile but not nearly as wonderful as Part 1.

5. Continuing on the theme of those cwazy Christians, Peanut Butter, The Atheists Nightmare, is a video produced that thought to dispel Evolution. How, you may ask? Well, by showing that since peanut butter doesn’t evolve, evolution doesn’t exist! I mean, how stupid can you be not to see that?

6. Of course, talking about Christians without talking about their shepherds wouldn’t be fun. Enter Rush Limbaugh, the perpetual foot in mouth fatso who somehow outlived Imus on the airwaves. In Rush the Magic Racist, the unending chronicles of Rush’s perpetual racism are exhibited, including his latest ‘gaffe’, a song called ‘Obama the Magic Negro’.

7. Loose Post 911 Lips: Donald Rumsfeld says in discussing 9/11 that the plane was ‘shot down’ in Pennsylvania. Oops.

8. What is PBH and the consequential mandatory argument with anonymous internet liberal vampires. For years, people have wondered, what is PBH, and why is it so god damn great? But still others wonder, why do you hate women? Well, we don’t necessarily HATE women, we just find it amusing when they get hit in the butt with newspapers by superhero’s. Read Kit’s and Alec’s interpretation of PBH, and read the insuing BLOG MELEE.

9. One of the better serious writings on PBH since the 400 post mark, Filling the Void: Saudi Diplomacy in a Realigned Middle East evaluates the new role of Saudi Arabia in the wake of the Mecca agreements, increased Sunni/Shiite violence in Iraq, and the rise of Iran as a regional power.

10. My definitive prank in high school: I tore down a Valentine’s Day poster in front of a lunch room of 1000 plus and was lucky enough to capture it on video.

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Not really, but almost. ProseBeforeHos is doing strong — we’re over 1000 posts, a lot of frequent visitors, and plenty of controversy. We were featured on Wonkette for our reporting on the media’s coverage of the 33 people who died at Virginia Tech and the 33 that died in Iraq on the same day, Crooks & Liars for our take on Rush Limbaugh’s racism, and constantly do well on Reddit. Considering how much effort we’ve put into the site, it’s nice to see some returns (especially when we’ve been blogging for roughly two years!).

In more news, I made my first post on PeaceTree entitled SOLILOQUY FROM ANONYMOUS MIDDLE AMERICAN, which sparked an interesting controversy with the individuals at Liberally Mirth that climaxed in an argument on our site. Else than that, it’s been work work work with a douse of playing and other various things. I’ll try to have update this more regularly but I’m pretty consumed with the other various elements of the BLOGOSPHERE! Until later….

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