PBH Hits 500k!

Posted on October 1, 2008. Filed under: prose before hos |

PBH finally cracked the 500,000 unique hit mark, after lots of ebbs and flows over the past year (it actually took a year and a half to reach this mark, though there has only been consistent blogging for 6 months of that time). We’re proud (for the most part) of the product we’ve put out and appreciate everyone’s comments and patronage. We’re looking for more bloggers, so if you are interested, drop a comment below or email alec. A full summary of the most popular posts is below:

Top 20 Posts By Hits

1. The Main Page with 35,491 unique hits — Who knew? Our main page is the one with the most hits over the past year and a half.

2. Donkey Love with 30,030 unique hits — Features the story of Donkey Festival in Colombia that quite literally celebrates fucking donkeys.

3. Happy Memorial Day with 26,338 unique hits — a poignant series of pictures from May of 2007 that featured an Iraqi boy hiding behind a US soldier during an explosion in Baghdad.

4. Why I Hate Capitalism with 24,540 unique hits — A commemorative 9/11 coin. Only 19.95 (limited supplies).

5. History Repeats Itself And Painfully So with 21,707 unique hits — A politically cartoon from the 1920’s about the British expedition in Iraq. [Editors Note: This probably would be the leader if PBH didn’t crash after being Dugg]

6. What Reddit Has Become with 19,849 unique hits — A hilarious picture done by AlvinBlah on the state of Reddit. [Editors Note: This would probably also be higher if not for PBH crashing while being Reddited]

7. Every 9.74 Days, Iraqi Civilians Experience September 11th with 19,514 unique hits — An expose on the cost of civilian life since the American invasion.

8. Ask A Shiite: Perceptions of America in the Middle East with 17,694 unique hits — A university student in the UAE writes a piece on the perception of America in the Middle East.

9. The First Thing I Saw On The Way To Work with 15,399 unique hits — A picture captured by Alec during his first day at the State Department in Bucharest, Romania.

10. The Horrors of Plastic Pollution with 15,222 unique hits — A picture of a turtle that had a plastic band tied around its shell in infancy.

11. Fox News, Fair And Balanced (Their Paragraph Alignment, That is) with 14,374 unique hits — A ridiculous screen capture from Fox News suggesting Osama Bin Laden & Barack Obama are related.

12. Patrick Leahy Bitch Slaps For America with 14,352 unique hits — A video of Patrick Leahy interrogating a Bush surrogate, and it is not pretty.

13. Old Time Porno Cartoon with 11,902 unique hits — Dance Party finds a hilarious ol’ timey porno cartoon from the 1920’s. And it is absolutely fucking filthy.

14. Loose Post 9/11 Lips with 11,014 unique hits — Donald Rumsfeld lets it slip that the plane over Pennsylvania was shot down. Oops!

15. US National Debt in the Past 25 Years with 10,635 unique hits — An astounding picture of the American debt in the past 25 years.

16. Number of Doctors Per Inhabitants with 10,050 unique hits — A visual representation of inhabitants per doctor across the world.

17. Humanity with 9,938 unique hits — An epic picture.

18. Inster with 9,879 unique hits — Check out the latest hipster trend. It’s so cool, you don’t even know. [Featured on Gawker]

19. What The Fack with 9,372 unique hits — Ann Coulter says she will campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain wins the Republican nomination.

20. Civilian Death Statistics in Iraq and Afghanistan Compared with 9,113 unique hits — Evaluates the human casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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